Welcome to our plugin faq

Welcome to our plugin faq, it’s designed to provide you with instant access to the latest questions asked by prospective new members to our WooCommerce premium plugin club.

Whatever your WooCommerce premium plugin needs, by joining our club you’ll get instant access to over 200 of the most popular premium plugins for WooCommerce.

Plus, we’ll provide you with online support, and with friendly help and advice on how to download and install our premium plugins.

Plugin FAQ

If you have a question about joining our WooCommerce plugin club, or a question about a plugin, please feel free to ask.

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Plugin FAQ

How often are new plugins added?

We add new premium plugins most weeks, there are now over 200, so it’s pays to stay subscribed to our plugin club.

What about the plugin license?

All plugins for WordPress and WooCommerce are written under the GPL, so they can be freely used and distributed.

What about activation codes?

Don’t use the activation codes within the plugin for updates, simply download the latest version from Wo0p™.

How do I cancel?

You can cancel your subscription within your ‘my account’ section with one simple click, no questions asked.

Can I keep the plugins forever?

Yes, you can keep the plugins for as long as you need them, and you can use them as required at any time.

How much does it cost?

Membership to our plugin club is just $14.95 per month, there are no extra charges, and support is included.

Do you provide support?

Yes, full support regarding the download and install of the plugins is available within your ‘my account’ dashboard.

Are there updates?

Plugins are constantly updated. We send email alerts so you can download the latest versions in your dashboard.

Plugin FAQ

Plugin FAQ

Can I resell plugins to my clients?

Yes, you’re free to use, resell or include these plugins in any type of website build you need.

Updates from the plugin author?

No, we download the latest version from the plugin author, then you just download the plugin direct from us.

How many plugins are there?

We currently have over 200 WooCommerce premium plugins and the list is growing weekly.

Can I download them all?

Yes, you can download all of our WooCommerce premium plugins in one go, or download them as you require.